Elves enjoying yet another sunny day in good old Lothlorien.

Galadhrim Elves are a class of elves that inhabit the forests of Lothlórien and are well known for their skill with bows. They are masters of the forests they inhabit, living on the ground and in houses far above. Galadhrim Elves, along with the Wood-Elves of Mirkwood, have a long-running feud with the Dwarves of the Mountains.  Galadhrim Elves can be male or female, with a variety of different skins, and each one has a randomly selected name. They have 24 HP's or twelve hearts, making them slightly tougher to kill than "mere mortals" even if they are not wearing armour. 

Behaviour Galadhrim Elves will wander randomly around their forest home and in their tree-top houses. Galadhrim Elves are not afraid to attack creatures of evil using a mallorn bow at long range, and the Elves will close in for the kill with a Mallorn Sword. A Galadhrim Elf’s reaction to you, and the things they say, depends on your alignment; Galadhrim Elves will not react well to an evil trespasser in their forest! Their accuracy with a bow is much greater than that of other mobs.

Spawning Galadhrim Elves have spawning mechanics similar to hostile mobs. In the Lothlórien biome Galadhrim Elves will spawn and despawn continuously, keeping the population of the forest at a constant level - however, Galadhrim Elves who live in Elf Houses do not despawn. Galadhrim Elves will only spawn on grass blocks.

Drops Galadhrim Elves drop arrows and elf bones, and they will sometimes drop the weapon they are using. On rare occasions they will also drop uncommon elvish items such as Miruvor and the rare Lembas bread.