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An Elven warrior (left) and an Elf (right)

This page was created to detail the different types of mobs found in Middle-earth. "Good" mobs will only attack you on sight if you Alignment is leaning towards Evil, but will attack regardless of your Alignment if provoked. "Evil" mobs will only attack you on sight if your Alignment is in favor of Good, but again will attack regardless if provoked. Good mobs will attack Evil mobs on sight regardless of the player's Alignment and Hobbits will just flee for their lives...

"Good" MobsEdit


There are two types of Elves - Warrior and regular. Warrior Elves are the strongest "Good" mobs of present. They carry bows and swords. At long range, they will use their bow. When the target draws nearer, they will switch to a sword. Warrior Elves will wear Elven armor and wield Elven weapons.

Regular Elves will only carry a bow. They do not wear armour and will not carry a sword. When one spawns an Elven House, it will spawn 2 Elves in it.

Elves have a gender, so every elf can be male or female.

Gondor SoldiersEdit

These are soldiers spawned in Gondor biomes. They wear gondorian armour which is equal to iron, and fight with swords, warhammers, battleaxes or spears. When the target is further away, soldiers with spear will throw the spear and switch to a dagger.

Gondor Archers are similar but have a bow instead of close combat weapons.

There are no female Gondorians.

"Evil" MobsEdit




Passive/Neutral Mobs Edit

Shire Ponies: Shire Ponies are a small breed of horse that are found exclsively in the Shire. Much like donkeys or mules they are capable of wearing saddle bags. They Aren't particularly fast, but are a reliable form of early game travel. Edit

Boars: The Boar is a common animal, found in almost every fertile biome in middle earth (I. e. not a desert or mountain range.) They are essentially pigs that are capable of goring unfortunate creatures with their tusks, however they will only attack when provoked. They also happen to be the most readily available form of travel in the game, they don't need to be tamed and are exceedingly fast. However, they are incapable of jumping, and will run away if left unattended.

Giant Scorpions: Scorpions come in desert and jungle varieties. They can be identified by their coloration and biome of origin. Jungle Scorpions are green and spawn in the jungle, Desert Scorpions are white and spawn in the desert. Much like the giant spiders of the north, they come in several and can be milked for their venom by right clicking them with a bottle, this same venom is administered to their prey (Sapient Mobs) via their bite. They only spawn at night, and can be a severe threat in groups.

Camels: Camels are the ships of the desert, they arent particularly fast, and can't jump, but they are immune to heat stroke, and are very reliable. They can be fed wheat, whether in bales or straight. They spawn commonly in the deserts of near harad, and serve as mounts for the Near Haradrim.


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from the left to the right: warg, sauron, orc.

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